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Any content including our website,  mobile applications, and marketing/advertisement campaigns were intended for informational purposes only. This information is not a valid opinion on any specific company, trading techniques, or the stock market in general. Any and all information and messages related to our own stock market investments are provided on a highly analytical and well-intentioned basis presented during market hours. This information is suspensible to various factors including macroeconomic changes, data feed trading algorithms, and false indicators, which cause it to be invalid. No trader should ever trade or invest in a single stock or contract based solely on information and content provided by Adrenaline Trading. Any user of our services should hold the presumption that any information on trading and company analysis is not qualified to act on, only if after it is confirmed through your own research. 

All new and experienced traders who make the personal decision to invest or trade on any security should be prepared to lose their entire investment. In order to best protect our account, we set stop limits on trades we make to never lose more than a small percent of our entire trade if it does not perform the way we analyzed it to perform. All investing in securities, whether by an individual or Wall Street level corporation is risky and based on speculation. To best ensure you are making the most secure trades, use a licensed investment advisor broker before investing to help guide your decisions. is the website owned by Adrenaline Trading LLC. This site’s content or mobile application alerts and notifications are not recommendations to enter or exit a position in a security. We will not provide a definite statement in every notification we send out regarding the holding of the companies or trades mentioned within. We believe all information we create is reliable based on our years of experience, intricate analysis of the market, and past success, similar to any non-licensed professional trader. This makes an initial subscription to Adrenaline Trading non-refundable, except for specific cases at our own discretion, as we believe our dedication to our service provides great value to our base upon subscribing. However, we will not verify the accuracy of any information we provide. Many times, our analysis and speculation of companies’ stock performance will be different than the actual results of how a stock moves during market hours. Adrenaline Trading is enabled to enter, exit, or hold a securities position in any company, ETF, or commodity stock stated on any content page or application related to Adrenaline Trading during any moment. We hold no responsibility for a loss in any trade preceding your viewing of any stock idea you receive. As the trader entering any position in your account, you hold the power, responsibility, and liability to do so at the cost of  losing your investment. Any trades you make before, during your service with Adrenaline Trading, or after cancelling will not be a reflection of your trading performance success or failure. 

Information in publications may contain “forward-looking statements”. Subscribers are cautioned not to place undue reliance upon these forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are subject to a number of known and unknown risks and uncertainties outside of our control that could cause actual operations or results to differ materially from those anticipated. Factors that could affect performance include, but are not limited to, those factors that are discussed in each profiled company’s most recent reports or registration statements filed with the SEC. You should consider these factors in evaluating the forward-looking statements included in the report and not place undue reliance upon such statements.

At Adrenaline Trading, to the best of our analysis, and experience we are providing factual information. Under all circumstances, we cannot completely verify the complete accuracy of any information we provide not limited to market analysis or company speculation, for any securities positions. We receive market data and new source information from highly reputable sources we believe to be helpful in our own judgment of research and acting on our own trades. Under all laws, we accept NO responsibility and liability to an individual or group who uses our service for complete accuracy and expediency of information. We are not liable for any type of damages reports that an individual or group feels are correlated to our information we provide. This is not limited to losses on trades and opportunities. You are fully responsible for the decision of entering and losing your money on a trade or missing a trade opportunity, while using our services or not. Please leave this website right away if you do not agree with these statements.

Any and all testimonials related to Adrenaline Trading are believed to present a truthful representation of our services. Any facts in messages from us or outside testimonies are not verified or audited by an outside firm. We do not conduct a search to poll if the experiences of the traders used in our testimonies are a reflection of the experiences of traders as a whole. Each future member has the potential to receive similar results as other testimonies, but should not expect the same. As always, positive or negative investing and trading performance in the past does not confirm the results of the future. 

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